Alumni Signatories

Below is a list of alumni who have signed on to the letter so far:

#Name, School, Graduation Year:Additional Comments:
1.Jaime Davidson, 2022Choose to take the same historic stance as you did with divestment from South Africa. MSU still has the chance to turn its reputation around!
2.Delaney McDermott, James Madison College, 2021The university must live up to its stated values and promises to protect students by divesting from Israel and all war profiting companies and following all of the stated demands in this letter.
3.Hazel Anderson, College of Natural Science, 2021
4.Carly M Lesoski, 2014, 2019
5.Tammi Cervantes, School of Social Science, 2020
6.Jakob Myers, College of Arts and Letters, 2021
7.Ali Aoun, James Madison College, 2019
8.Arifa Syeda, James Madison College, 2021
9.Kyle Dunn, Anthropology, 2012
10.Jocylen Fox, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2011
11.Stefan Mitra Lindahl, Com Arts, 2020Free Palestine
12.NR, College of Social Science, Human Medicine, 2011
13.Andreah Patsalis, College of Social Science, 2021
14.Jillian Riney, James Madison College, 2021
15.Azra Causevic, College of Social Sciences and College of Arts and Letters, 2010
16.Rosa Razmi, James Madison College, 2022
17.Kyle Whitehouse, 2021
18.EMR, Broad, 2023This is embarrassing for the university to be any sort of complacent with genocide
19.Greg McClure, College of Arts and Letters, 2020Our university has a moral imperative to stand up for Palestinian rights at a time when over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed with help through MSU’s funding
20.Anonymous, 2023
21.Marisa Mercurio, PhD, College of Arts and Letters, 2023
22.Anonymous, College of Social Science, 2022
23.K., James Madison College, 2021
24.Sjana Baker, RCAH, 2020Thank you current students for your work. ❤️
25.Ali Ahmad, 2023
26.Sabrina, 2020Not a donor but will be considering other schools for grad school due to this issue
27.Omar Qahwash, Natural Science 1997, College of Osteopathic Medicine 2002
28.Poppins/M.T., Lyman Briggs, 2023God willing, we’ll see an end to the bloodshed.
29.Michelle Rozwadowski, College of Natural Sciences, 2018
30.Eseraa Ali, College of Arts and Letters, 2023
31.JJF, 2020
32.Yusuf Abbas, 2023I am ashamed that my tuition money and the university that my family holds dear is used to fund the very same weapons that are used to kill children in Palestine.
33.ANV, James Madison College, 2021Your community is watching. MSU must divest. If nothing else, honor the memory of Tariq Thabet.
34.Megan Kramer, James Madison College, 2020
35.Skyler Leslie, James Madison College, 2021DIVEST
36.JH, RCAH, 2019
37.Aalayna Green, College of Natural Science, 2021
38.Bara Aldasouqi, College of Engineering, 2015
39.KF, James Madison College, 2021
40.SF, JMC, 23
41.Melissa Malinowski, College of Social Science, 2022
42.Julia Noel, College of Natural and Social Science, 2024I know others with more excess funds will want to contribute financially if the university divested and reinvested funding in this way.
43.EJ, 2012
45.Jo Kovach, James Madison College, 2023
46.Leonard Pennisi, School of Social Work, 2017
47.Eduardo Olivo, Natural Resources, 1992
48.HKI wish and hope the school does better. This is embarrassing, and we all know that we can do better.
49.Quinn Harrison, School of Social Science, 2021
50.Mariah Hall, College of Natural Science, 2016Ceasefire now!
51.Chloe, Honors College, 2020
52.Mariam, James Madison College, 2020
53.Rachel, James Madison College, 2019Have empathy and understanding and nuance please
54.Omar Hamdi, 2027FREE PALESTINE
55.Jay Lovelady, 2020Tell MSU – do the right thing.
56.Hannine Aqel, 2021Choose humanity.
57.Elizabeth Tanner, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, 2021
58.Veronica, JMC, 2021
59.Aubrey Grevemeyer, Honors College, College of Social Science, 2020I will not support MSU of it does not stand with human rights.
60.Anna Rose Benson, 2022
61.Jackson Schooley, College of Social Science, 2022
62.Nevaeh Marshall, College of Agriculture and Natural Resouces, 2023
63.JF, James Madison College, 2022
64.Lindsey Eveland, James Madison College, 2020
65.Sarah VerHey, 2012Take a stand to show that MSU is willing to do what it takes to uphold all human rights and to end all support for repressive regimes
66.Shiksha Sneha, James Madison College, 2021
67.Aaron Mariasy, College of Social Sciences, 2021Free Palestine. We deserve better, the MSU community has been through enough.
68.Melissa Sarmiento-Alvare, James Madison College, 2021Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians. MSU must divest.
69.Leyla, ComArts, 2019
70.Emerson Wigand, James Madison College, 2022
71.Edvard Tingstad, College of Social Science, College of Arts and Letters, 2019
72.Anonymous, LF
73.Sarise Hammad, College of Social Science, 2020
74.Johanna Grimes, 2005
75.Christine So, 2022
76.HK, 2017
77..Basma Hegazy, 2023divest now
78.Alan Saleh, 2022
79.Zahra Saad, James Madison College, 2018
80.Abigail Johnson, College of Natural Science, 2017Michigan State has been a perpetrator and an enabler of violence and injustice too many times. I hope they take this opportunity to show us they are capable of doing what’s right
81.Jordan Gembarski, Lyman Briggs, 2023
82.SRD, School of Social Sciences, 2021MSU needs to be on the right side of history
83.ACA, James Madison College, 2017
84.Bhavya Kamepalli, Lyman Briggs, 2023
85.Maen Hammad, School of Social Sciences, 2014
86.Sophie Schmidt, College of Arts & Letters, 2020
87.Raquel Acosta, James Madison College, 2023As a public land grant university, MSU should understand the true harm of displacement.
88.Kera Conroy, 2020
89.Ahmad Anani, 2018This is an ethical dilemma, not a financial one.
90.VSA, School of Social Science, 2022Spartans Will achieve collective liberation!! 🍉
91.Gabriel Schroeder, Music, 2022
92.Rachel Winfield, James Madison College, 2022
93.Kristina Bozin, 2019
94.SS, 2023
95.Anonymous, ComArtSci, 2021
96.Anonymous, 2022Even throughout my undergraduate years I did not feel protected as a Palestinian student. We had to fight hard to keep our one advocacy group going. Knowing that the school I went to willingly contributes to the genocide of my people is sickening. Their support of Israel and lack of representation and protection for MENA and Palestinian students made me decide to not pursue my graduate education at MSU. I’d rather go somewhere where who respects my identity.
97.Samuel Miners, College of Social Science, 2019Stop supporting genocide.
98.JD, Broad College of Business, 2025
99.Emily Estrada, 2021
100.Yafa Samaha, Broad College of Business, 2020
101.Jaclyn Wilke, James Madison College, 2016Divest NOW or I will never give money and I will never recommend or promote Msu to my students or family
102.Hayley Van Fulpen, Broad College of Business, 2020 and 2022
103.Sophia, 2017
104.Sarah, RCAH / James Madison College, 2020
105.ODR, 2015
106.Nehareka Singh, College of Arts and Letters, 2021
107.Hana Ann Sameh Mamdouh Yehia Hassan Kamel, College of Law, 2022Nearly every person in my family has attended MSU. My parents met at MSU. My father and his father taught at MSU. MSU’s failure to divest has made me ashamed. I am ashamed not only of my own tenure at the law college, but ashamed that my late father and grandfather’s lifetime achievements and pride in their academic careers are cheapened by MSU’s failure to listen to its students and community. I will be the last in my family to offer money, time, or talent to MSU if MSU continues to fund what is the worst humanitarian crisis and deadliest conflict for children of our time.
108.Whitney McDowell, Psychology, 2022
109.Hafsa Khan Owens, College of Social Science, 2023
111.Leah Louis-Ferdinand, 2023
113.AF, 2015
114.Charlotte Bachelor, College of Arts and Letters, 2023
115.AK, School of Social Work, 2022 (current masters student)If Michigan State is able to acknowledge the land we are sitting on as belonging to indigenous tribes and the fact it is “stolen land”, why are they not putting forth effort into recognizing the experience of Palestinians who also had their land stolen? Land back is for everyone and I am disappointed by the university’s inability to create a safer space for it’s MENA students.
116.Sydney Nemetz, 2022
117.ALS, School of Social Science, 2017 & 2020
118.D.N.M, 2017
119.S.G., James Madison College, 2019
120.Zainab Salah, 2022
121.Hannah Faye Nassar, James Madison College, 2024Free Palestine.
122.Ashley A., 2014
123.Grace dellinger-pate, James Madison College and School of Music, 2022I am ashamed to be an alumni of this university for MANY reasons. The bare minimum MSU can do is protect its students, faculty, and staff here and abroad. This goal is impossible to achieve if msu does not immediately divest from genocide.
124.Jennifer Ausbrooks, 2018 & 2020
125.Youssef Abdelhafiz, 2019
126.Anonymous, College of Social Science, 2018 & 2020
127.Isabel Davidson, RCAH, 2021Do what is right, divest from genocide
128.Andrea Fontana, 2012
130.Kiera Quigley, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2020
132.Nicole Moody – 2017 (undergrad) and 2022 (masters)
133.Skylar A., College of Social Science (Departments of Psychology and Social Work), 2018 & 2023
134.Julia Beaumier, School of Packaging, 2018
136.Ericka, 2018
137.SN, 2022
138.Eloise Mitchell, James Madison College, 2019
139.Molly Costantino, 2021
140.Anonymous, College of Law, 2022
141.Robert Ray Jr., 2015 & 2019
142.Lee Cleaveland, 2018
143.Isaiah Hawkins, College of Music, 2020
144.Anonymous, 2014
145.Talyce Murray, James Madison College, 2020. Former ASMSU Rep and East Lansing Chair of Human Rights.
146.V.J.M, College of Social Science, 2019
147.Chris Revak, School of Music, 2019
148.Anonymous, 2020 & 2022Now more than ever it has become a necessity to show our solidarity for the injustices that are befalling humanity in today’s geopolitical landscape. Let us stand on the side of history that advocates for social change and not just states we hold a strong value towards it. Genocide is a crime against humanity that is committed in secret. Do not allow this to go on unacknowledged. Actions will always speak louder than mere words and now is the time where it is most imperative to act in ways that will uphold and safeguard marginalized and vulnerable voices and peoples. Spartans Will advocate for social change and a better world.
149.W.C., College of Engineering, 2021Do the right thing, if not because you actually believe in it, then because of our pressure on you. Tens of thousands are dead and your hands are bloodied even if you don’t know it.
150.Erin Foley, 2022
151.RJV, James Madison College, 2021
152.Regin Horan, Broad College, 2020
153.Beth, 2023
154.ML, College of Music, 2020
155.Karthik, 2022
156.SJN, 2021
157.ZHB, 2010As a U.S Federal Employee and MSU Alumni I’m deeply ashamed that our tax dollars are funding an occupation and genocide in the occupied Palestinian Territories by the Zionist government of Israel. The Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Knesset are war criminals responsible for the deaths of over 35 thousand Palestinians.
158.Terese Warn, 2014
159.Cassidee Centilli, College of Engineering, 2023
160.Meredith Detweiler, 2021I want my Alma mater on the right side of history, and to support victims of genocide. I as an individual feel so helpless to change the course of things and can’t alone break down oppressive systems, but institutions like universities can and I can choose where my money and resources go. Since graduation 2 years ago I have been involved in the alumni network in Chicago and have come back to recruit current students for internships and full-time roles at the company I work at. I do not plan to continue involvement with and support of the university if there is no change, and I know many of my fellow alumni feel the same.
161.Mona Eldahshoury, 2024Education and academia have always been the liberation of the mind. Zionism is not.
162.Fattima Ali, 2021
163.William Hackbarth, College of Arts and Letters, 2020
165.Kayla Makela, Natural Science & Music, 2020
166.Audrea Dakho, 2023MSU has plagued itself with scandals and controversies for far too long. Genocide should not be yet another reason for MSU to be remembered for.
167.Briah Spencer, James Madison College, 2019
169.Peter Fowler, College of Veterinary Medicine, 2020
170.Jeff Mirek, School of Com, 2007Free Palestine.
171.Rory, James Madison College, 2020
172.AP, College of Social Science, 2021
173.Stacy, 2015
174.Anna Bunting, 2020Faculty, staff, and students at MSU taught me what ethnic cleansing looked like and how to disrupt colonial systems of oppression – free Palestine
175.DS, 2020As if Larry Nassar didn’t give me enough reason to regret going to this school, funding a genocide with student’s money that the MSU police couldn’t protect from a mass shooter is just the icing on the cake.
176.Sydney Ryan, 2022MSU should be disgusted to support the murder and destruction of an entire people. MSU supporting the genocide of an entire people is disgusting and shameful.
177.Michael Orbain, College of Natural Science, 2020
178.Salan Alraban, 2022
179.Zaria PhillipsFree Palestine
180.I.K., College of Law, 2023
181.TF, College of Social Science, 2016
182.Arsh Rathod, 2023
183.Jacquelyn Miller, CSS, 2002
184.Lynn Lammers, Dept. of Theatre, 2009
185.Justice Curry, College of Arts & Letters, 2022
186.PS, 2022
187.Dr. Joseph Mandwee, 2017Free Palestine
188.James M. Demin, College of Social Science, 2007
189.Jon J
190.Alexandra Ross, 2012
191.Molly Rooney, Forestry, 2011
192.Lesly Morales, School of Social Science, 2022
193.Anonymous, College of Arts and Letters, 2001I do not support genocide or occupation regimes. The college should not be benefiting from the brutal murder and oppression of others!
194.Alessandra Attari, 2022Stand up for what is right and be a leader in the academic world. Divest from the apartheid, genocidal state that is Israel. Free Palestine NOW.
195.HT, James Madison College, 2018
196.Lindsy Marshall, Lyman Briggs, 2016
197.JP, James Madison College, 2018
198.Elise de Geus, College of Natural Science, 2017
199.Spencer Savage, James Madison College & College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2021I would like to participate more in MSU events, activities, and promotion, because I am proud of the work I and other students and faculty do. The continual disrespect shown to me and other student organizers and community members who ask for accountability, empathy, and transparency from our university makes me unwilling to be a proud Spartan most days.
200.Ian H, Lyman Briggs College, 2017
201.Lenda, Communications and Arts, 2022Free Palestine
202.Anonymous, 2015
203.Montazar Alessa, 2015
204.Luke Adams, 2023
205.Jake Martin, College of Education, 2019
206.Taylor Rasmussen, College of Arts & Letters, 2021
207.Maggie Haite, Honors College & Lyman Briggs College, 2023
208.Alissa Hakim, 2024
209.Julia Kramer, Residential College in the Arts & Humanities, 2013
210.Nicole Geller, College of Arts and Letters, 2015
211.Paige Utterback, School of Social Science, 2019Free Palestine
212.Colin Dick, 2014
213.Maezie Nettleton, College of Agriculture and Natural resources, 2024Cut ties. Value lives and what your students have to say more than making a profit.
214.Kyle Funk, Professional Writing, 2008Student protest movements are always on the right side of history. MSU has an opportunity to join them.
215.Charles Butterworth, Social Sciences Divisional and Honors College, 1959
216.Nelson Brown, School of Social Science, 1967
217.Erin Paskus, Residential College in the Arts & Humanities, 2018Free Palestine
218.Melissa Fore, English, 2009
219.Megan Hackbarth, 2020 & 2022
220.Jordan Lindsay, Lyman Briggs, 2014
221.Michaela Valo, 2019
222.Sarah Dowd, RCAH, 2011Free Palestine
223.Kate Spinillo, RCAH, 2009
224.RJH, RCAH, 2013
225.Becky Payne, M.S. Human Ecology, 1983
226.Sarah Williams, 2014
227.OE, RCAH, 2020
228.Megan Kelly, RCAH, 2014
229.Lily Zuber, James Madison College, 2024
230.GA, James Madison College, 2020
231.JG, MSU College of Ag amd Nat Resources, 2020
232.Hayden Harris, College of Arts and Letters, 2019
233.Hollyann Swart, Social Work, 2021 + 2022
234.Nora, Eli Broad College, Class of 2011As a people of conscience and as an institution that is educating values to its students, MSU should join the movement to end the ongoing genocide in Gaza and end the apartheid in Palestine.
235.Mia Sobhi, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 2013
236.Abrar, College of Natural Science, 2012Free Palestine
237.Kelly Ransley, College of Arts & Letters, 2011Children who have never known peace have different values than children who’ve never known war. What values does MSU stand for?
238.Jennifer Lai, 2021, Sociology
239.Anonymous, AFRE, 2022
240.Ryan Roehler, 2019Withholding all donations until MSU divests
241.Muneeza Azmat, College of engineering, 2023
242.Sibbir Ahmad
243.Aalayna Green, College of Natural Science, 2021
244.Fateh Arshed Mohammed, School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, 2020